The final plan

Our 10-Year Plan 2018-28, Volume 1 (12.5MB PDF) | Our 10-Year Plan 2018-28, Volume 2 (4.7MB PDF)

Consultation document

Consultation document (2MB PDF) | text version (118KB TXT) | accessible PDF (979KB PDF) | text version (1.4MB Word).

Supporting documents

Draft Revenue and Financing Policy

The revenue and financing policy provides detail on the funding of operational and capital expenditure.

This policy illustrates which parts of the community benefits from Council activities, and who pays for them. Identifying this provides the first step in the rate-setting process.

Draft Revenue and Financing Policy  (1.5MB PDF)

Draft Rates Remission Policy

The Council’s rates remission policy sets out the criteria for ratepayers to be eligible for rates remission – a partial reduction in the amount of rates required. 

Draft Rates Remission Policy (298KB PDF)

Draft Rates Postponement Policy

The Council may help ratepayers by postponing their rates payments in cases of extreme financial hardship. The rates postponement policy sets out the criteria for ratepayer eligibility for rates postponement.

Draft Rates Postponement Policy (144KB PDF)

Draft Investment and Liability Management Policy

The purpose of the Investment and Liability Management Policy is to provide the framework under which the Council operates investment and borrowing activities.

Draft Investment and Liability Management Policy (117KB PDF)

Draft Financial and Funding Impact Statements

Draft financial statements

The financial statements provide a record of expected financial performance and financial position.

Draft Financial Statements (220KB PDF)

Draft funding impact statements

Funding impact statements identify the Council’s sources of funding, the expected funding from each source, and how the funds are to be applied.

Draft Funding Impact Statements (1MB PDF)

Draft Significant Forecasting Assumptions

All plans are subject to change. These forecasting assumptions set out our starting point – the key facts and projections that we know today and expect to be important over the 10 years of the plan.

Draft Significant Forecasting Assumptions (355KB PDF) | text version (966KB RTF)

Draft Statements of Services Provisions

This document describes our work in detail. It identifies how we group our activities, links these groups to our vision and priorities, outlines the services we provide and key projects during the plan, as well as identifying the performance measures for each group that will enable us to demonstrate to residents the level of service we are providing.

Draft Statements of Service Provision (1MB PDF) | text version (3.7MB RTF)

Draft Financial and Infrastructure Strategy

This provides an overview of how we plan to manage our assets over the next 30 years.

Draft Financial and Infrastructure Strategy (1.4MB PDF)

Finance, Reporting and Prudence (benchmarks)

The purpose of this statement is to disclose the Council’s planned financial performance in relation to various benchmarks. It enables an assessment of whether the Council is prudently managing its revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, and general financial dealings.

Finance, Reporting and Prudence (benchmarks) (86KB PDF) | text version (219KB RTF) 

Operational Project Budgets

This provide an overview of expected operational spend over the next 10 years for each project.

Operational Project Budgets (216KB PDF)

Capital Project Budgets

This provide an overview of expected capital expenditure over the next 10 years for each project.

Capital Project Budgets (151KB PDF)

Other related documents

Draft Housing Strategy

The draft strategy covers the full spectrum of housing options – from emergency housing, social housing, assisted rental, private rental, and assisted ownership, right through to private ownership and outlines the framework for housing in Wellington.

Draft Housing Strategy (381KB PDF)

Draft Waterfront Development Plan

The Waterfront Development Plan (WDP) is a programme for ongoing development of Wellington’s waterfront space that ties in with our resilience and sustainable growth priorities for Wellington.

Draft Waterfront Development Plan (155KB PDF)

Significance and Engagement Policy

The policy outlines how the Council defines significance and the criteria and level of engagement that should be used before making a decision.

Significance and Engagement Policy (397KB PDF)

Our City Tomorrow What’s Next?

This document contains five draft goals for Wellington in response to feedback received during engagement on Our City Tomorrow in 2017. They set the starting point for the workstream “Planning for Growth” in Our 10-Year Plan, which includes a comprehensive citywide review of our Urban Growth Plan and District Plan.

Our City Tomorrow What's Next? (407KB PDF) | text version (96KB RTF)