Highlights of the final plan

The final plan includes the following:

  • Allocating a one-off, $20,000 grant to the Toimata Foundation, a charitable trust focused on sustainability. This involves transferring funding currently allocated in the Natural Environment Fund to Warm up Wellington, an insulation retrofit project targeting the homes of low-income tenanted households in the Wellington region. The Warm up Wellington initiative won’t be affected as it has $60,000 of available funding annually from 2018/19.
  • Bringing forward Zealandia funding of $1.6 million for volunteer accommodation and improved research and learning facilities for staff and visitors, from years 3 and 4 of the plan to years 2 and 3. Zealandia will fund half that amount.
  • Finalising a new, 3-year Accessible Action Plan for the city in the coming year as part of our commitment to making Wellington more accessible.
  • Reviewing the arts and culture strategy in the first 2 years of the plan and exploring opportunities with the arts community for artists in the city.
  • Assessing options for processing and marketing processed organic waste as part of our waste minimisation and management efforts.
  • Bringing  forward the sewage sludge project from year 6 to year 4 of the plan, with $1 million allocated in year 3 for planning and design.
  • Bringing forward $10.9 million in flood reduction work in Tawa from year 7 to year 4.
  • Exploring the development of a School Travel Plan for every school in the city with a report back on costs for the Annual Plan 2019-2020.


Public consultation closed on 15 May. We received 2067 submissions from individuals and organisations. What we heard informed our investment choices for Wellington for the next 10 years.

Thank you for your feedback. We’ve received over 2000 submissions from individuals and organisations. What we’ve heard will inform our investment choices for Wellington for the next 10 years. Here's what we've heard.

We talked to you about Our City Tomorrow

In 2017, we started a conversation with communities about the future of our central city. We asked how we should accommodate our growing population, live with more water and make the city more resilient.

How we respond to these challenges in the central city will influence what we do in Wellington’s other suburbs.

Wellingtonians gave us feedback through our online survey, workshops and other public events. Your thoughts have helped us shape Our 10-Year Plan.

Between 15 April and 15 May, we consulted Wellingtonians about the plan and its proposed focus. We received 2067 submissions in total.

Getting to know our priorities

In March 2018 we ran a short survey to start people thinking about the challenges Wellington is facing. The table below shows the results:

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